I’model is an independent agency that plans events in the field of high perfumery and makeup, as well as any event that aims at enhancing the value of a product to be launched.

My gratitude goes to those who taught me what Beauty is and to those who helped me and enabled me to restore Beauty.

I believe an event is something that enhances a moment in life so that it can shine, later on, among our memories… and I believe that the fragrance of a perfume is an unspoken language like a path that wraps around you and that, through the senses, speaks right to your heart so that it can later be described.

My idea of makeup goes beyond conventions and beyond the surface to be treated; there is a secret place where Beauty dwells that is beyond the exterior.

It lingers in the most intimate places and it rests in the soul.

I’m thinking about children and about something dedicated to them; I’m thinking about this “future that shows up empty handed”. I’m convinced that devoting ourselves to children is a way of hoping.

Deeply grateful.


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